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The Elder Scrolls IV: Morrowind II: Oblivion
Published on October 23, 2004 By ashbenli In Gaming
We redesigned our website today. Reskinning is more accurate, but there lots of new stuff about Oblivion on it. I think I may start writing more articles for joeuser about what we're doing, see what this whole blogging thing is all about. Having something to write about -- yeah, that would be helpful in creating an interesting blog, right?

Making a roleplaying game is much like running a marathon -- a 3 year long marathon. The announcement of Oblivion is almost anti-climactic from my perspective. I mean, what else would we be doing after Morrowind? I rather like the title Oblivion -- its easier to say than Morrowind. It's more recognizable a word. What game are you working on? Morrowind. Morrow-what? What's a Morrowind? Even our expansions had better titles -- Tribunal. Bloodmoon. Good words.

Also, please don't call it Morrowind II. That makes my head hurt. Thanks.

on Oct 23, 2004
Your link doesn't work but here is one that takes you to the Elder Scrolls home page 
on Oct 23, 2004
I hope the NPCs have been improved.
on Oct 23, 2004
Wow, I loved Morrowind and would be very interested in blogs about Oblivion. Morrowind is actually one of my favorite games and I am still playing it and both expansions, although I have finished all three storylines. PLEASE blog!